If you’re tired of the way you look, you need a personal stylist!

I know there’s a lot to learn if you want complete confidence in how you style your look.  

That’s why my services are designed to help you gradually change your style – one day at a time – to develop a natural and unique look to enhance your very own sense of style.

I know you have a busy schedule and would like to have someone to count on throughout the year.

That’s why I’m really flexible and available whenever you need me, whether that’s to help you update your wardrobe every season or if you’re returning to work.

I know that your situation can constantly change and you may have lost weight, gained a little or simply changed your style preference. 

That’s why I like to say that nothing’s set in stone. Whatever you’re feeling at the time, we can find something that will make you feel good and look stunning.


Here’s what else you can learn from a fashion stylist:

What not to wear and when

  • Assessing and evaluating your style personality
  • Deciding which pieces to keep and which ones to discard
  • Gaining better control of your wardrobe
  • Dressing stylishly for leisure activities and social situations
  • Choosing the best outfits for work and business

Devising an inspiring wardrobe

  • Changing your wardrobe gradually (or quickly if you need to)
  • Reducing your wardrobe and starting afresh with fewer pieces
  • Designing fantastic looks for maximum impact, without breaking the bank
  • Selecting pieces that add fun and make you feel good

Choosing the right colours

  • Finding and working with appropriate colours for your skin tone
  • Mixing the right colours to create various looks
  • Understanding why the wrong colour can destroy an outfit
  • Choosing the best colours for each season
  • Selecting the right colours for special occasions

Working with your figure

  • Using what you have in your wardrobe to address your figure flaws
  • Creating high-end fashion regardless of those flaws
  • Breaking the right rules to help you look stunning
  • Choosing the right fabrics and patterns for your figure

Selecting complementary accessories

  • Accessorising like a pro and the do’s and don’ts of mixing and matching
  • Adding more oomph with jewellery, handbags, scarfs, belts, shoes and hats
  • Mixing old with new to create a different look every time
  • Picking just a handful of accessories to use with various outfits

What goes under: bras, panties and lingerie

  • Choosing the best bras and panties for your body type
  • Knowing which style of lingerie is best for your outfit
  • Pairing the right underwear with the right outfit