Too busy and distracted to shop properly for new clothes? Do you find that you buy for a special occasion and never wear it again? Or you’ve only been buying from the sale racks or bargain bins even though the clothes don’t complement your body shape or skin tone?

If you don’t love it when you try it on, then don’t buy it. Choose style over price and you’ll wear it again and again. Now, that’s a bargain!

Whatever the reason, if you shop with a personal stylist you’ll save a lot of time and money. You’ll also save space in your wardrobe because you’ll have pieces that can be mixed and matched to make completely new combinations.

Personal shopping is about making smarter investments

With a personal shopper, you’ll have someone who can go out and preselect clothes just for you. You’ll learn how to invest in versatile pieces that will create a wardrobe full of fashion pieces that last season after season.

Just like with any other investments, we’ll start with a pre-shopping consultation. We’ll assess your needs and desires so we can identify your requirements. We’ll look at your unique styling needs, your personality, your style preference and what would suit your body shape and skin tone. We’ll work with your budget to help you achieve your overall goals.

Next, I’ll do some pre-shopping research to find the best styles and stores in your area. This will help make sure we have a productive and focused personal shopping day. It will also ensure you have access to the stores in the future.

Stop wasting time shopping for the wrong look for you!

Learn how to shop smarter and spend sensibly for your body shape, age and skin tone.

I’ll do all the work for you. I promise you’ll have a lot of fun trying on the outfits and choosing the items you love. There is no pressure to buy, it’s completely your choice.

The next time you go shopping you’ll be armed with the knowledge to choose the right fit for you.

Price: $200

This package will give you a complimentary consultation.