If you’re short, maybe you could use a few clever fashion tips to maximise your stature and minimize your styling issues.

Read through the “dos” and “don’ts” to uncover the styling tricks you can use to appear taller.


Don’t wear too many colours together, it will break up your silhouette, making you look blocky.

Do wear a single colour from head to toe. This will help create the illusion of a taller streamline silhouette.

Dress length & style:

Don’t get swamped in a dress with pleats or large prints.  Horizontal stripes will make you appear wider.

Do wear skirts & dresses that finish just above the knee. If you have great legs and you feel confident you can go a little shorter. Maxis are fine, just stick to a sleek column style. A vertical stripe will also help to elongate your silhouette.


Don’t wear high necklines & collars, they don’t flatter your shape; or add a long necklace or pendant to draw the eye down, giving a similar effect as a vertical stripe.

Do wear V shaped and U shaped necklines, they will support the illusion of height.


Don’t wear full gathered skirts with blousy tops, your waistline will disappear making you look blocky.

Do wear high waisted skirts & pants, they will create an optical illusion and give the appearance of longer legs.


Don’t wear wide leg pants or styles, once again you have that blocky look.

Do wear a fitted style. Boot cut (slightly flared) will give the appearance longer legs. Darker colours, ie. dark denim is more flattering and slimming.


Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps, they will give the effect of shorter legs so avoid at all costs.

Do wear shoes with pointed toes and of course heels will obviously make you taller. If you have problems with heels then I highly recommend a wedge (much more comfortable). Nude coloured shoes will also give the illusion of longer legs.

*Hot tip* Use bronzer on your legs if you’re fair skinned, it will create a leaner and longer look.


Don’t wear wide belts they can cut your body in half and hinder your efforts in creating an elongated silhouette.

Do wear thin belts, they are better proportioned.


Don’t get swamped with an over-sized handbag.

Do use a smaller bag to match your petite appearance.

Pearls will always be in fashion. With their ageless style & beauty you can wear them with almost any outfit for any occasion.

Pearl necklace cropped

You can dress them up or dress them down. No matter how you wear them, throughout fashion history, women have looked to pearls to add a touch of class and elegance to their look.

My husband bought me my first piece of pearl jewellery, a necklace from Broome, 20 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.  I now love to find ways to work my pearls into my outfits.

Here are my tips to get the best look from your favourite pearl accessories:

  • To achieve an eye-catching look, pair with rich solid colours. And for a more refined look, pearls also look beautiful with light, subtle colours.
  • A pearl necklace conjures an image of confidence and sophistication. With this in mind you could wear a single short string of pearls in the office or to a business meeting.
  • For a bride on her special day, delicate pearl teardrop earrings go beautifully with a strapless bridal gown to give her that graceful and refined look.
  • With that little black dress that fits you just perfectly, a pearl pendant will add an effortless touch of elegance to transform your outfit from charming to stunning.
  • Pearls are so versatile, add a long string of pearls, doubled over to your T-shirt, jeans and denim jacket for a modern and edgy look.
  • For a unique look, mix your pearls with other jewellery, by layering with a gold necklace or even a diamond necklace. You can do the same with a pearl bracelet. The effect can be quite dramatic.

    With so many different types and colours of pearls you can always find something to suit your personality and lifestyle. Have fun mixing and matching and discover the timeless beauty of the ever versatile pearl.

What is the right length for your body shape?

Can you rock an uneven hemline or do you keep away from dresses because you just can’t seem to get it right?

With all of the skirt and dress lengths available, what is the best length for your legs? The truth is, the perfect hemline plays a crucial role in taking an outfit from plain boring to stunning!

To get your most flattering look, you want your hemline to hit a relatively small part of your leg.  If you look at the natural shape of your legs, the widest part is the mid-thigh and mid-calf while the smallest part is the knee and ankle.

As a woman who is over 40, personally I would not wear a mini unless it was as a cover up over my swimsuit… It’s just more flattering to wear a longer length. That doesn’t mean you have to look like a frumpy old grandma though!

Knee length will always be flattering to every body shape and perfect for the over 40 woman. Of course if you have great legs you may even get away with just above the knee length. But any higher could be less flattering.

If you have short legs, an asymmetrical hemline creates a slimming and elongated look. This hemline is flattering to any body shape and also adds more interest to your outfit.

If you have a favourite dress or skirt that’s getting a little short, try wearing it with black tights and ankle boots for a new and edgier look.

I often find the dresses that I like are the wrong length for me. Just a little too long, which makes my legs look shorter (not so flattering) so I make use of a tailor to get the length right.

Nothing is set in stone of course and you may be able rock any hemline, but check yourself out in a full length mirror before you walk out the door. And remember shorter isn’t necessarily sexier.

Finding Your Style


If I asked you, what is your personal style? What would you say, would you even know?

It could be classic, elegant, feminine, creative, sporty…. and the list goes on.  It could be a combination of style types.

So, do you know or are you confused about what your personal style is.  If you looked in your wardrobe, would it give you a clue or is it a jumbled mess of different styles. When you go shopping do you consider which style you want, will it go with other pieces in your wardrobe or is it just grab whats on sale this week.

You see, successful shopping needs a well thought out plan of action to create a wardrobe that will express your own unique personal style. That is… pieces that flatter your body shape and make you feel good.  When you figure that out, its easy!

Finding your style doesn’t mean you have to pick just one style. Have fun with it, mix it up a little until you find what suits you and what makes you “feel like you”.

Here’s my 6 top tips to finding the right style for you:

  1. Look in your wardrobe and decide which pieces you wear constantly. What is it that draws you to those pieces? Do you feel confident in them?  Are they flattering on you? Whatever the reason, this is the style that you need to look for when shopping. 
  2. What colours suit your skin tone? Do you even know? Find out if you are suited to warm or cool colours and look for that colour palette in your clothes. If your wardrobe is full of black, then maybe it’s time to add a little colour to it. It’s amazing what some added colour will do for your skin tone.
  3. Which women, friends or even celebrities do you admire. Is it their style that you find appealing. This could be the style you are looking to emulate.
  4. Realise that a huge wardrobe full of clothes can be all too confusing. A small wardrobe made up of pieces that will mix and match together with some choice accessories  thrown in will create a manageable and stylish capsule wardrobe.
  5. Try something different occasionally, you might find an unexpected gem to add to your wardrobe. You won’t know if you don’t try it.
  6. Most importantly… don’t buy it if you don’t love it.  If you have to think about whether you like it or not, then it’s probably not for you. Wear what makes you feel good every day!

    Follow these 6 tips and  know your personal style.

As the cooler weather starts to creep in, it’s time to look into your wardrobe and assess where the gaps are.

Autumn is the time to pack away your summer clothes and get into layering for warmth with new fashion trends for 2016.

The 1970’s are back in a big way, so have some fun and check out your Mum’s wardrobe ( if she was young and cool in the 70’s that is). You could find a little gem in there. Wide leg pants, A-line skirts and soft suede fabric is in everything from jackets to skirts and handbags with fringe details.

If you’re into comfort, then an oversize roll-neck nit will fit nicely into your wardrobe this coming season. Make it your winter staple and throw it over anything from jeans to skirts or even over your 70’s styled flared pants and that will finish off your 2016 winter look.

Colours for everyone this autumn, they range from a sophisticated nude, brown and khaki to bright and colourful oranges, greens and just about anything you like. So have fun with your colours.

Long-line vests and cardigans are my favourites for the season. You can work them in on just about any outfit. Go for neutral colours like, grey, tan or black for ample mixing and matching. Just make sure you layer it over simple fitted pieces, like a fitted dress or skinny jeans and T. Layering over loose clothing will look too bulky. A general rule for the most flattering length for a long-line cardi or vest is just around your knee.

A great investment and a trend that will last from season to season is the trench-coat and winter 2016 is no different. It’s an iconic staple that will make you feel and look smart and on trend every time. Throw it over your 9 to 5 work outfit or wear it with your jeans and sneakers on the weekend.

Of course every woman needs a classic boot as your go to and this season ankle boots are big, but be brave and have fun with a 70’s inspired suede boot with a little fringe detailing to complete your stylish winter look.personal-fashion-styling-perth-

Always remember “The way you dress reflects your true personality.”

So have fun with fashion this season!


Which Style of Cardi to Wear?

We all have a cardi or two in our wardrobe. It’s the go to when you just want a little bit more cover or warmth and it finishes the outfit off.  But……how to wear it and which style goes best with what you are wearing.

Although there are all sorts of styles and lengths of cardigans, you will probably have a classic waist length or cropped cardi, a longer style cardi and a waterfall or oversized type cardi. It really does mpersonal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-styleake a difference to your proportions if you wear the wrong style with you outfit. And proportion is what the right style and fit for you is all about!

Firstly the waist length cardigan looks great with a fitted dress or high-waisted skirt. It can also look good with jeans, but beware, if you have a larger bust then make sure it has a V-neck or you open the top couple of buttons otherwise you may look too top-heavy. If wearing it over a T, open the top 2 and bottom 2 buttons for a cinched in look at the waist.

Long cardigapersonal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-stylens create a long line to your proportions, so can be slimming if worn with the correct clothes. Whether you wear it with skinny jeans, a knee-length pencil skirt or shorts, it just finishes your look off.

personal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-styleThe waterfall cardi is usually bulkier at the front and more fitted at the back.  So this style is suited to smaller busted women.  If you have a larger bust, be careful, it can make you look larger than you are.  This style looks great with skinny jeans and pulled together with a brooch or belt. Don’t wear it with a short skirt or you will look out of proportion and a little boxy.

Media Release July 2015

As Mandurah and Rockingham business communities work hard to strip the ‘bogan’ label off their seaside cities, many local business women are also reinventing their looks through complete wardrobe makeovers.

Personal styling is not just for the young, rich and famous.

As Rockingham and Mandurah business communities work hard to strip the ‘bogan’ label off their seaside cities, many local business women are also reinventing their looks through complete wardrobe makeovers.

But as Perth personal stylist and fashion expert Julie Shaw said, “They’re not young fashionistas, they’re women aged thirty-five to sixty-five. It’s a new generation of business women looking to match their looks and personal image with their brands.

“These women want – or need – to stand out. So they’re after a more sophisticated look and to turn over a new personal image leaf.

“Because they’re in business, they want to be taken seriously.  They are looking for advice on how to dress for success. Having a personal stylist makes it more convenient for the time poor working woman who wants to update and enhance her look.”

Mrs Shaw said makeovers are no longer an expensive luxury only affordable to the rich and famous. Women from all regions are after quality fashion advice – but at a price that won’t break the bank.

“They want help with their fashion dilemmas, especially how to dress for any occasion. They’re also very busy. So they want to know how to put together a new wardrobe, fast.

“And many women also find it too hard to shop for clothes. In fact, some even hate it. We generally think all women love shopping for clothes.

“The truth is, many often find it such a hassle, especially when a woman is not happy with her body shape or find it challenging to buy for her shape. It can get very stressful and depressing.”

Mrs Shaw, who organises styling workshops to simplify the shopping process for busy women, said springtime is the perfect opportunity to discard unbecoming clothing and to update wardrobes.

“The new spring fashion collection is already in stores and I know 2015 spring-summer will be an exciting time. While some may prefer the minimalistic look, soft sorbet hues and washed out pastels, there will also be some strong colours for others. So you would need to know which colours suit you best.

“If there’s a celebrity you love, work with your stylist to re-create the look and to fill your wardrobe with outfits for all occasions.”

Mrs Shaw said workshops and one-on-one sessions with a personal stylist make it much easier.

“Women have quite a lot of fun at the workshops — they discover how easy it is to transform a wardrobe and to create a new sense of style. Some are there because they’re starting a new chapter in their lives. Others attend a workshop at the start of each season. But you don’t need an excuse to use a personal stylist.”

Mrs Shaw’s Enhance Your Style workshops are held at Helen’s House of Fashion in Rockingham. Participants can attend at an introductory price of $35 per person.

Workshops can be booked online at www.enhanceyourstyle.com.au and are also suitable for team building for employees, mothers groups, women’s clubs and groups of friends.

One-on-one private sessions are held at the client’s home.



Add Some Style With a Scarf

A scarf has a way of adding a touch of class to your outfit. It can dress an outfit up and add a pop of colour when needed.  It can also add some fun to an otherwise uninteresting or dull outfit.

I think scarves might just be my favourite accessory. I just love how they can change the look of any outfit.

While I was in France last year, I couldn’t help but notice that almost every French woman was wearing a scarf. If the weather was hot or cold, it made no difference, they still had their stylish expensive looking scarves draped fashionably around their necks.  They just have a way of wearing a scarf that says I’m hip, cool and vboho scarf ideaery French!

And just because the weather is warming up, it doesn’t mean you have to hang it up until next winter. You can wear a scarf all year round.  A light colourful silk scarf will add some style to a T shirt and jeans or even shorts. Layer with a necklace and you have a whole new look to your original outfit. There’s no limit to what you can do and with so many ways to tie your scarf, it’s fun experimenting and even creating your own styles. There doesn’t have to be rules to how you wear a scarf, just have fun with it. I do!