Is the way you dress affecting your self-esteem and how you work and play?

You know that how you dress makes a huge difference in how you feel about yourself.

But how do you find the right style for you?

You know what’s in your wardrobe is not working for you and this year you really want to start showing off the real you.

But how do you find an authentic style to express the real you? You just need that little push to inspire, motivate and guide you. You need help to learn what to wear, how to wear it and where to find it.

That’s exactly what you get when you have your own personal stylist.

Stop listening to friends, it’s time to ask a professional who will be 100% honest with you.

Don’t get me wrong. Friends have the best intentions at heart, but they’ll never tell you the absolute truth. Think about it… remember the last time they swore you looked fine, and then you discovered that horrible photo on social media and thought, Noooooo! I look awful!

Your friends are not stylists, and they’re just saying what you want to hear.

Your wardrobe gets put on the backburner because, you know, life happens.

If you’re running a business (and a busy home), you just don’t have time for clothes shopping.

You need new (and better) clothes but you get stuck because you’re not sure what works for you.

But what you really need is a plan of attack to crank your style up a notch.

You’ll benefit right away from working with me if…

  • you often look in your wardrobe and think, I have all these clothes, yet nothing nice to wear!
  • it takes a long time to find an outfit for a special event (and by “a long time” I mean hours)
  • you change your mind right before heading out the door, and leave half your wardrobe scattered around your bedroom.
  • you envy others who always seem to look picture-perfect…

During our time together, you’ll learn about the colours and styles that work for you. We’ll turn clothes shopping into a fun and pleasant experience, and we’ll find the essentials to help you set the foundation for a stylish and versatile collection you can work with.

Personal styling solutions

Let’s upgrade your style. Click on a package below to find out more and book your appointment:

>> Wardrobe Analysis. Update your wardrobe and learn how to manage it better. Learn more

>> Personal Shopping. Get smart shopping strategies so you spend sensibly for your style. Learn more

>> Corporate Wardrobe. Revamp your corporate wardrobe to impress clients. Learn more

>> Style Party. Gather some friends for 2 hours of fun, learning styling tips and tricks at home. Learn more

>> Styling for Men. Revamp your style so you feel good and feel confident, without the effort. Learn more

>> The Complete Styling Package. Get a complete style update and makeover. Learn more