Add Some Style With a Scarf

A scarf has a way of adding a touch of class to your outfit. It can dress an outfit up and add a pop of colour when needed.  It can also add some fun to an otherwise uninteresting or dull outfit.

I think scarves might just be my favourite accessory. I just love how they can change the look of any outfit.

While I was in France last year, I couldn’t help but notice that almost every French woman was wearing a scarf. If the weather was hot or cold, it made no difference, they still had their stylish expensive looking scarves draped fashionably around their necks.  They just have a way of wearing a scarf that says I’m hip, cool and vboho scarf ideaery French!

And just because the weather is warming up, it doesn’t mean you have to hang it up until next winter. You can wear a scarf all year round.  A light colourful silk scarf will add some style to a T shirt and jeans or even shorts. Layer with a necklace and you have a whole new look to your original outfit. There’s no limit to what you can do and with so many ways to tie your scarf, it’s fun experimenting and even creating your own styles. There doesn’t have to be rules to how you wear a scarf, just have fun with it. I do!

High heels can instantly enhance your look. They change your posture make you feel taller and more confident. But do you have a love hate relationship when it comes to your shoes?

You love the look of that killer pair of heels you bought, but hate the pain they inflict on your feet. Throbbing soles, stinging heels. Not to mention your aching back! At some point you really do need comfort, if you are going to make it through the day without breaking down and ending up bear footed. It’s just not a good look.

Cushion or gel inserts can be lifesavers for your feet. They add support to your arches and cushion your soles. They will also protect your toes from friction. Comfortable shoes don’t have to look like something Granny would wear! There are plenty of stylish and fashionable choices out there.

The first thing is to make sure you are wearing the right size. Incredibly some of us are wearing shoes that are too small. A little more room in your shoe can make a difference when it comes to comfort.

Try a style with more coverage on the top of your foot. It will actually help with your balance and you will be able to stay on your feet longer.

Avoid thin soled shoes. They cause pressure on the sole of your foot, not to mention the throbbing pain.

Thepersonal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-style Platform and the Wedge have come to your rescue! The rise of the heel is less, in a shoe with a platform. This type of shoe is more comfortable and will still give you a sleek and sexy look without the pain.personal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-style

Wedges are also a more comfortable alternative to traditional heels. They are versatile and appropriate for most occasions.

If you find shopping for clothes overwhelming or you don’t have the time to troll through shops looking for that perfect outfit, then a personal shopper could be your answer.

I know what you’re thinking. “Only the rich and famous would use a personal shopper”  That is so not true!
The way you dress is a reflection of the real you and if you put in the effort to dress appropriately stylish then it shows you have respect for yourself. This will allow you to also gain the respect of others, especially if first impressions count. And they do!

Here are my top 5 reasons to use a personal shopper.

Your personal shopper will source and pre-select your outfits ready for you to try on. Saving you precious time to spend on other important family or work matters.

Don’t waste money on clothes you will never wear. Your personal shopper has the expertise to select outfits that you will be able to mix and match with your existing wardrobe and will last more than one season.

3 KNOW WHAT LOOKS GOOD ON YOUpersonal-fashion-stylist-perth-enhance-your-style
Your personal shopper is up to date with the latest trends. She understands which styles are best suited to your lifestyle, body shape, age and skin tone. Most importantly she will give you honest and educated advice on what looks good on you.

This is an exciting and fun way to shop. Your very own personal shopper will do all the work. All you have to do is show up and have fun trying on the latest styles to enhance your new look.

While you are being pampered by your personal shopper you will learn how to accessorize to take your outfit up a notch and you will pick up many styling techniques along the way.

Now you can’t argue with that!

The right accessories can take an outfit from plain and boring to stylish and different.

Although it’s not always as simple as just throwing on a necklace. The perfect accessories will accentuate your outfit without overpowering it.

Of course the type of accessory you choose depends on your outfit and where you are going to wear it.

  • As a rule, don’t get too “matchy” with your accessories. Two to three accessories of the same colour is enough. I usually stop at two.
  • Coloured accessories will brighten up a neutral outfit. For example if you are wearing a black outfit, then green beads could add some life to it. The same applies if you are wearing a white outfit, then you could add a red belt and shoes and you have a more sophisticated look.
  • And don’t forget a bright coloured lipstick can add to your accessorizing too.
  • Try adding colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. For example a purple top with a yellow necklace. Or colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. eg. A blue dress with a violet necklace. The effect can be quite dramatic.
  • You can also experiment with more than one necklace at a time.Personal-Fashion-Styling-Perth-Enhance-Your-Style
  • Add a bold and colourful necklace to blue jeans and white T and you can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Or that little black dress may just need a delicate diamond necklace or some pearl earrings and a bracelet to finish it off.
  • For a more edgy look, mixing gold and silver is on trend, so don’t be afraid to wear a bold gold and silver necklace together. This can also be done with chunky bangles and bracelets.
  • Colour blocking with your accessories is another interesting trend.. For example a navy blue dress with a bold navy blue necklace or a white top with chunky pearl and white beads.

So experiment with your accessories and always dress to impress!

As a personal fashion stylist, I often get asked “what is the best way to organize the clothing in my wardrobe?”

I wouldn’t say that there is one better way. It really is whatever works best for you. Of course it will look neater if your hangers are all facing the same direction. It’s also nice if your hangers are the same type. Unlike wire hangers, the wooden hangers leave less imprints on your clothes, but do take up more space. The thick plastic hangers are a good option and take up less space.

There are 3 ways you could go:

1. Categorize
You could hang your clothing into categories’. Tops together, skirts together, pants and so on. This is the most obvious and easy way to see what you have and how much you have. However it may not help you to put together an outfit in a hurry.

2. Colour Co-ordinate

Some people like to colour coordinate their clothing. This seems a little too disciplined to me. But if you’re a very methodical type of person then it may just suit your needs. It will help to identify which colours you have and which colours you need to add to your wardrobe.

3. Complete Outfits
The 3rd option is great if you are always in a hurry or running late for appointments. Sound familiar? Hanging outfits together. It may not look as pretty but it can be a time saver. It can also remind you of your mix and match possibilities. Before you go to bed at night, grab your outfit for the next morning and hang it on a separate hook for a quick getaway in the morning.

I tend to use number 1 and 3 together. For the most frequently worn outfits, I like to group them together for a quick and easy option. The rest of my clothing I hang into categories. Every few months a tidy up in the wardrobe department will get things back in order and if you’re lucky you may find some garments that you forgot where there!