It makes me happy to be able to help my clients improve their looks and gain confidence with a simple shake of their wardrobe – especially when they had been struggling for a long time to get things right.

Each client you see here had many questions about their body shape, skin tone, and what they should have in their wardrobe. A makeover made it easier for me to work with them to shop for the right look for each occasion, and as you see from their transformations, they now dress better AND look a lot happier!

Go on, scroll through and have peek at what a wardrobe analysis, personal shopping or fashion makeover experience can help you achieve.

Michelle’s Wardrobe Analysis & Personal Shopping


Perth Personal Stylist


New wardrobe for Michelle’s body shape, skin tone and style.

Michelle clothes on the bed


After: Doesn’t she look amazing?

perth mandurah personal stylist

Michelle is a bubbly and spirited, outgoing business woman who teaches other business owners how to make their brands shine! She also attends many networking and social events, which means her appearance needs to be spot on at all times. But being crazy-busy means she has very little time to shop ‘properly’.  Her new style journey started with a wardrobe analysis to identify what was needed to put a fresh new look together, followed by a personal shopping experience for some new outfits that would allow her to be herself wherever she goes.

“I had the best day out shopping with Julie yesterday (31-08-15). After Julie had done my wardrobe audit the week before, she decided I needed some key versatile and interchangeable clothing items to be able to mix and match my outfits.

We spent 3hrs at the Booragoon shopping centre (after she had spent a few hours there on Saturday perusing the shops to find items of clothing she thought would suit me and look great on me.

Well! all I can say is WOW she did an awesome job of finding me pieces of clothing I would not have picked for myself! Seriously if you are looking for a lift in your confidence (this was me as I have gone up 2 dress sizes) or a new look, or just to have a wardrobe audit to learn how to mix and match and layer your clothing correctly, then Julie is your go to lady!

She is patient, NOT pushy, and will be totally honest with you about how the clothes look on you! I am so so happy with my purchases and every piece I can mix and match with what I bought and with what is already in my wardrobe! Thank you Julie, you have given me my confidence back to know I can look nice even with the extra weight I am carrying around, you rock xox”

— Michelle 

Desma’s Makeover


deanne makeover


After: Looking fabulous, Desma!

deanne makeover 3

deanne makeover 2

Desma is a busy working woman who also devotes a lot of her time to her children and grandchildren. She had recently lost weight and was feeling a little lost with a wardrobe full of clothes that didn’t fit her anymore.  Her health is now fantastic, however she needed help to create a new image to match her new body.  Desma’s image update involved a new hairdo, plus a makeup session, new glasses, a wardrobe analysis and shopping for some new stylish outfits.

“I can’t believe what a difference your advice has made to my wardrobe purchases. You know all those clothes that I chose to keep when we were cleaning out? Well they are still sitting there on the “I may wear them one day” side. I have finally realised that those clothes need to go to the Op Shop.

I have never had so many great comments on how I look. I am now wearing clothes that are far more complimentary for my shape than I did before.

When we went shopping you chose clothes that I would never have picked for myself to try on. What a difference your advice has made to me. Thank you so much, I would really like to get your advice again after a year, just to keep me on track.

Money well spent, both on my new wardrobe and most of all on your advice.

Thank you so much.”

— Desma