If you’re short, maybe you could use a few clever fashion tips to maximise your stature and minimize your styling issues.

Read through the “dos” and “don’ts” to uncover the styling tricks you can use to appear taller.


Don’t wear too many colours together, it will break up your silhouette, making you look blocky.

Do wear a single colour from head to toe. This will help create the illusion of a taller streamline silhouette.

Dress length & style:

Don’t get swamped in a dress with pleats or large prints.  Horizontal stripes will make you appear wider.

Do wear skirts & dresses that finish just above the knee. If you have great legs and you feel confident you can go a little shorter. Maxis are fine, just stick to a sleek column style. A vertical stripe will also help to elongate your silhouette.


Don’t wear high necklines & collars, they don’t flatter your shape; or add a long necklace or pendant to draw the eye down, giving a similar effect as a vertical stripe.

Do wear V shaped and U shaped necklines, they will support the illusion of height.


Don’t wear full gathered skirts with blousy tops, your waistline will disappear making you look blocky.

Do wear high waisted skirts & pants, they will create an optical illusion and give the appearance of longer legs.


Don’t wear wide leg pants or styles, once again you have that blocky look.

Do wear a fitted style. Boot cut (slightly flared) will give the appearance longer legs. Darker colours, ie. dark denim is more flattering and slimming.


Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps, they will give the effect of shorter legs so avoid at all costs.

Do wear shoes with pointed toes and of course heels will obviously make you taller. If you have problems with heels then I highly recommend a wedge (much more comfortable). Nude coloured shoes will also give the illusion of longer legs.

*Hot tip* Use bronzer on your legs if you’re fair skinned, it will create a leaner and longer look.


Don’t wear wide belts they can cut your body in half and hinder your efforts in creating an elongated silhouette.

Do wear thin belts, they are better proportioned.


Don’t get swamped with an over-sized handbag.

Do use a smaller bag to match your petite appearance.

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