Bali infinity pool

If you want to dodge those long lines at Denpasar Airport then traveling with a carry-on only is the way to go!

No more stress, just grab your carry-on bag and get started on your tropical holiday. 

The last time I went to Bali it nearly took longer to get through the customs & immigration queues, than the three and a half hour flight from Perth.

So I have devised a new packing plan where everything I need fits into my carry-on bag. So instead of packing those extra pair of shoes (that you never wear anyway) or that special pair of jeans (who needs jeans in hot and humid weather?) or those heavy necklaces (you’re going to buy some in Bali anyway), make it easy on yourself and travel light. Let’s face it, if you forget anything you can pretty much buy it over there anyway and at a minimum cost. Most hotels provide towels and shampoo and soap. Or you can buy your toiletries when you get there at your local 7-Eleven, where you can buy just about anything you will need while on holiday. When it’s time to return home just dispose of any items that are not suitable for your carry-on bag. 

Bali Carry-on Packing List for the Stylish Australian Female:

Choose clothes that will mix and match together.

  • Bras x 2 (1 dark, 1 light)
  • Underpants x 7
  • Swimsuit x 2
  • Casual/ beach dress x 2
  • Dress x 1 ( dressy for dinner /drinks)Pink carry on
  • Tank/singlet tops x 3
  • T-shirt/dressy tops x 3
  • Skirt x 1
  • Maxi skirt/light long pants x 1
  • Hat x 1
  • Socks x 2
  • PJ’s x 2 (lightweight)
  • Thongs x 1
  • Sandals x 1
  • Walking shoes x 1
Roll your clothes and pack small items into shoes for a better fit. And remember you can have your clothes washed for you at a very low cost or you can wash them yourself. They won’t take long to dry in the warm Bali weather. Enjoy your holiday!

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