As the cooler weather starts to creep in, it’s time to look into your wardrobe and assess where the gaps are.

Autumn is the time to pack away your summer clothes and get into layering for warmth with new fashion trends for 2016.

The 1970’s are back in a big way, so have some fun and check out your Mum’s wardrobe ( if she was young and cool in the 70’s that is). You could find a little gem in there. Wide leg pants, A-line skirts and soft suede fabric is in everything from jackets to skirts and handbags with fringe details.

If you’re into comfort, then an oversize roll-neck nit will fit nicely into your wardrobe this coming season. Make it your winter staple and throw it over anything from jeans to skirts or even over your 70’s styled flared pants and that will finish off your 2016 winter look.

Colours for everyone this autumn, they range from a sophisticated nude, brown and khaki to bright and colourful oranges, greens and just about anything you like. So have fun with your colours.

Long-line vests and cardigans are my favourites for the season. You can work them in on just about any outfit. Go for neutral colours like, grey, tan or black for ample mixing and matching. Just make sure you layer it over simple fitted pieces, like a fitted dress or skinny jeans and T. Layering over loose clothing will look too bulky. A general rule for the most flattering length for a long-line cardi or vest is just around your knee.

A great investment and a trend that will last from season to season is the trench-coat and winter 2016 is no different. It’s an iconic staple that will make you feel and look smart and on trend every time. Throw it over your 9 to 5 work outfit or wear it with your jeans and sneakers on the weekend.

Of course every woman needs a classic boot as your go to and this season ankle boots are big, but be brave and have fun with a 70’s inspired suede boot with a little fringe detailing to complete your stylish winter look.personal-fashion-styling-perth-

Always remember “The way you dress reflects your true personality.”

So have fun with fashion this season!


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