Which Style of Cardi to Wear?

We all have a cardi or two in our wardrobe. It’s the go to when you just want a little bit more cover or warmth and it finishes the outfit off.  But……how to wear it and which style goes best with what you are wearing.

Although there are all sorts of styles and lengths of cardigans, you will probably have a classic waist length or cropped cardi, a longer style cardi and a waterfall or oversized type cardi. It really does mpersonal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-styleake a difference to your proportions if you wear the wrong style with you outfit. And proportion is what the right style and fit for you is all about!

Firstly the waist length cardigan looks great with a fitted dress or high-waisted skirt. It can also look good with jeans, but beware, if you have a larger bust then make sure it has a V-neck or you open the top couple of buttons otherwise you may look too top-heavy. If wearing it over a T, open the top 2 and bottom 2 buttons for a cinched in look at the waist.

Long cardigapersonal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-stylens create a long line to your proportions, so can be slimming if worn with the correct clothes. Whether you wear it with skinny jeans, a knee-length pencil skirt or shorts, it just finishes your look off.

personal-fashion-styling-perth-enhance-your-styleThe waterfall cardi is usually bulkier at the front and more fitted at the back.  So this style is suited to smaller busted women.  If you have a larger bust, be careful, it can make you look larger than you are.  This style looks great with skinny jeans and pulled together with a brooch or belt. Don’t wear it with a short skirt or you will look out of proportion and a little boxy.

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