The right accessories can take an outfit from plain and boring to stylish and different.

Although it’s not always as simple as just throwing on a necklace. The perfect accessories will accentuate your outfit without overpowering it.

Of course the type of accessory you choose depends on your outfit and where you are going to wear it.

  • As a rule, don’t get too “matchy” with your accessories. Two to three accessories of the same colour is enough. I usually stop at two.
  • Coloured accessories will brighten up a neutral outfit. For example if you are wearing a black outfit, then green beads could add some life to it. The same applies if you are wearing a white outfit, then you could add a red belt and shoes and you have a more sophisticated look.
  • And don’t forget a bright coloured lipstick can add to your accessorizing too.
  • Try adding colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. For example a purple top with a yellow necklace. Or colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. eg. A blue dress with a violet necklace. The effect can be quite dramatic.
  • You can also experiment with more than one necklace at a time.Personal-Fashion-Styling-Perth-Enhance-Your-Style
  • Add a bold and colourful necklace to blue jeans and white T and you can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Or that little black dress may just need a delicate diamond necklace or some pearl earrings and a bracelet to finish it off.
  • For a more edgy look, mixing gold and silver is on trend, so don’t be afraid to wear a bold gold and silver necklace together. This can also be done with chunky bangles and bracelets.
  • Colour blocking with your accessories is another interesting trend.. For example a navy blue dress with a bold navy blue necklace or a white top with chunky pearl and white beads.

So experiment with your accessories and always dress to impress!

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