Personal Fashion Styling in Perth


“I promise to make the way you dress reflect your true personality”
– Julie Shaw, your personal stylist


Discover one-on-one Personal Styling sessions in Perth for fashion that suits your body shape…

If you constantly feel like you have nothing to wear but have a wardrobe full of clothes, then a personal fashion styling session with Julie Shaw solves your problem quickly, easily and with a lot of fashion fun.

You see, the key is finding the right style for your personality. One-on-one personal fashion styling makes it easy to transform your wardrobe and create a new sense of style to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

And these Personal Fashion Styling sessions are suitable for both men and women.

Offering advice on all things fashion, such as… managing and updating your wardrobe to how to shop for clothing that suits your lifestyle, body shape, age and skin tone.

You may have had a change in your lifestyle or you may just need a simple boost to your confidence.  Do you work long hours and can’t find the time to shop? You don’t need an excuse to use a personal stylist!

So don’t be shy, book a one-on-one fashion styling session with Julie Shaw to experience the fun and excitement of discovering how to dress for the new stylish version of you!  

Discover new styling tips from Julie’s most recent fashion blog posts.


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You can now purchase a gift voucher for any styling session.

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Travel Wardrobe Advice

Julie will create a customised plan and clothing check-list for you that maximizes space and minimizes wrinkles.

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Time to get organised and pick up some useful tips on successful suitcase packing.

 Book Your Own Style Party Now

Get your friends together in the comfort of your own home for a Personal Fashion Styling Party. Julie will show you some great styling tips and tricks and she will even bring the champagne!

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